vonco clear plastic bag-in-box

Avoid added shipping and warehousing costs associated with “air.” Vonco’s Bag-in-Box packaging is the lower carbon footprint alternative to rigid containers and glass. Our fast custom development will support your:

· Leakproof liquid tight seals – guaranteed
· Small to large custom size bags, and shaped bags
· Small to large run sizes for your new product launch or packaging conversion
· Print options with up to 8 colors for additional brand differentiation or instructions in single use applications

Why Bag-in-Box?

· Lower environmental impact – less material
· Lower overall cost of package, transport, and warehousing costs – ships and stores flat
· Lower lifetime oxygen contact levels – deflates during evacuation
· Extended shelf life – barrier properties
· Greater brand message space – full side panels
· Dispensing flexibility – availability of a wide range of caps and taps